[Sca-cooks] New email list for frugality in the SCA

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Tue Nov 7 10:30:09 PST 2006

A new list has been started for people to share tips for being frugal in the SCA.  Many members start out playing on a shoestring, and perhaps needing to make that shoestring once they find out if their persona even had shoestrings :-)   So a new email list has been started for people to share frugal tips.

Are you one of the people who can 
* Create garb for  under $8
*Feed members of your barony a delicious stew and homemade bread for under $1 a person
* Participate in the spectacular garb for $25 or less contests
*Make armour out of scrounged metal
*Dye yarn or cloth from things in your garden
*Sheer a sheep and turn it into a shawl with the help of your friends in one weekend
*Cook a multi course feast for under 5 Euros that even the Queen (of any period) would be dazzled by
*Make beautiful turned bowls out of downed trees
*Amuse children for hours with a few versatile toys
*Grow a herb garden from cuttings and divisions
*Make scented soaps or healing salves from garden ingredients
*Create camp furniture that looks like the furniture in paintings
*Make your own scribal pigments
*Tabletweave your own trim
*Smith some tools or cooking utensils into existence
*Run a fablous fun event that adds to coffers and to people's skills when all is said and done
*Create simple musical instruments
*Go into the forest with some cutting utensils and create your own bow and arrows
*Create an oven from Pennsic clay
*Build a good cooking fire

Or want to learn how?

If so, please join the 
SCACreativeFrugality list
by sending a message to
SCACreativeFrugality-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Ideas are welcome for any activity: archery, armor, beads, blacksmithing, boats, bookmaking, cardweaving, carts, children's activities, cooking, feasts, fires, gardening, garb, greening events, herbs, knitting, leatherwork, metalworking, music, musical instruments, naalbinding, needlework, ovens, Pennsic, pottery, scribal work, sewing, spinning, shoes, stonework, tabletweaving, trash reduction, universities, waterbearing, weaving
or any other SCA related activities.

Please share this invitation with other regional, local, and topical lists.

gordonse at one.net

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