[Sca-cooks] Guess whos on NPR's Splendid Table!??

Marcus Loidolt mjloidolt at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 16:21:40 PST 2006

  This very afternoon yours truly, was interviewed on NPR's celebrated radio program, 'The Splendid Table'! by the host Lynne Rossetto Kasper and the guest host chef Chris Kimble, on the segment called, "Stump the Cook"!
  I was to give them a list of random things im my fridge and cabinets and a venue/style by which they were to come up with a recipe using those items!
  I gave them a list as follows, Pheasant,( female, ringneck, dressed). 1/2 lb Goose liver(adult male Ebdem),Dandelion Greens, Sweet Cecily, Spicebush/Indian pepper, and WIld Leeks/Ramp...
  I also included as possibles, Goose Fat, and Sherry Vinegar! 
  You'll just have to listen to the program to get the recipe!! It should air sometime mid December, or at least that is what the crew chief told me later...
  and yes, they asked if I had cleaned the bird myself...which of coure I did!!
  Abot Johann
  Marcus Loidolt 

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