[Sca-cooks] spice storage (OT)

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Tue Nov 7 19:07:27 PST 2006

While I was on a road trip a few years back the men in my family re-labelled
all my spices and herbs... "Bat Wings" were whole bay leaves. "Basilisk
Breath" was garlic, "Frog eyes" were whole peppercorns. 

Every spice. Every herb. Even my food colouring had been re-labelled ("dried
water" was blue, of course).

I've carefully tried to keep all the label on the jars although one could
wish that they had not put the sticky things on *directly* over the name of
the ingredients. Every time I think of changing my jars, I get teary-eyed
over the memories and can't do it. I just keep refilling the jars. (And like
many, I have both a cabinet and a lazy susan full of weird shaped ones.
Those tiny little 'jam and jelly' jars that folks send up giving during the
holidays are great for taking small amounts of spices to events or for
storing the expensive ones.


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