[Sca-cooks] spice storage (OT)

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Wed Nov 8 05:54:23 PST 2006

>> While I was on a road trip a few years back the men
>> in my family re-labelled all my spices and herbs...
>> "Bat Wings" were whole bay leaves. "Basilisk Breath"
>> was garlic, "Frog eyes" were whole peppercorns.
>> Every spice. Every herb. Even my food colouring had
>> been re-labelled ("dried water" was blue, of course).

> Somehow I sense an interesting story here. 
> And they did ths because.........

I was the only Wiccan in the family. And *they* have a weird sense of humor!
(The fact that the eldest son was studying 'the Scottish Play' may have fed
into it, too. But I think there was a good dose of "the only girl is gone -
let's get her!" in there, too. I got them back - sorted all the laundry by
color instead of by person/item for a week.) 


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