[Sca-cooks] Spice storage

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Wed Nov 8 07:23:26 PST 2006

Years ago when my lord and I first got married, a very dear friend took upon 
herself the daunting task of teaching me about cooking.  (If only she could 
see me now!)  Anyway, as a wedding gift, she gave us a spice kit to take to 
events.  It contained the few spices she considered critical, in labeled film 
cannisters!  (Her husband was a photojournalist so she had plenty around the 
house.)  She housed them in one of those "spacemaker" hard plastic boxes.  

It was a great gift that we still use 10 years and 4 kingdoms later.

A sus ordenes,
Constanza Marina de Huelva
Barony of Dragonsspine, the Outlands

P.S.  I'm new to your list so here's a brief intro:  I'm Constanza.  My 
persona is late 15th/early 16th Castillian.  I live in the town of Huelva where I 
was able to catch a glimpse of Columbus which gave me the sea bug.  Even though 
I've never been to sea myself, I dream about it and seeing this New World.  I 
haven't been cooking very long, but I have managed to win the domestic arts 
category of my baronial A&S with a redaction of Mirrauste of Apples from 
Ruperto de Nola (1529 - Castillian).

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> Those tiny little 'jam and jelly' jars that folks send up giving during the
> holidays are great for taking small amounts of spices to events or for
> storing the expensive ones.
> Hrothny

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