[Sca-cooks] task spreadsheet for kitchen timing?

KristiWhyKelly@aol.com KristiWhyKelly at aol.com
Thu Nov 9 06:21:47 PST 2006

I don't think you've seen this one.  I used a series of spreadsheets,  broken 
out by each dish and it's time line and another by equipment and what was  in 
it.  Your friend can ignore the other tabs on the bottom or checkout how  I 
broke out the budget/shopping list if he is interested.
It helped organize a feast for 450 and a staff of 20.  I taped several  
copies on the wall in the kitchen and it really helped everyone keep on  track.  I 
do a far simpler version of the time line for normal feasts of  100-150 people.
Hope this is helpful.
Grace Whyting

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