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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Constanza Marina de Huelva said:
  <<< P.S.  I'm new to your list so here's a brief intro:  I'm  
Constanza.  My
persona is late 15th/early 16th Castillian.  I live in the town of
Huelva where I
was able to catch a glimpse of Columbus which gave me the sea bug.>>>

Sounds horrible. What is the treatment for this sea bug? Doses of  
lead salts, perhaps? :-)

Welcome to the SCA-Cooks list!

I have been on this list since it started back in 1997 and many  
(most?) of the period recipes and a lot of the other topics that have  
been discussed here have eventually ended up in Florilegium. You  
might want to take a look through it. If you've never been there, it  
is a collection of over 2000 files on a wide range of SCA and  
medieval subjects. The address can be found in my sig. line below.

For instance, from your mention of your homeland above, I'm wondering  
if these might be of interest:
Guisados1-art    (220K)  5/28/01    A translation of Ruperto de Nola's
                                        1529 "Libre del Coch", part 1  
of 2
                                        by Lady Brighid ni Chiarain.
Guisados2-art    (116K)  5/28/01    "Libre del Coch". part 2 of 2.
                                        Lenten recipes.
3-Span-Sweets-art (13K)  4/26/01    Three Spanish sweet dishes from  
de Nola by
fd-Spain-msg     (140K) 10/28/05    Food of medieval Spain. Cookbooks.

<<< I haven't been cooking very long, but I have managed to win the
domestic arts
category of my baronial A&S with a redaction of Mirrauste of Apples from
Ruperto de Nola (1529 - Castillian).

How about posting the original recipe and your redaction of this  
Mirrauste of Apples recipe here?

I'm also always looking for good articles for the Florilegium, and  
this can often include A&S documentation as well as class handouts,  
so long as they can stand alone without the actual A&S object or the  
teacher present.

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