[Sca-cooks] Butter- salted vs unsalted

Daniel Phelps phelpsd at gate.net
Fri Nov 10 11:17:44 PST 2006

Was written:

Not even sure if butter was a commonly used product during all the time we


 There are some accounts of preserving butter for the winter or shipping
from area to area, ....

While it approaches the question of trade in butter in a rather oblique
fashion there is, if I recall correctly, at least one rather scatological
story in the following book that touches on the subject in that it involves
a sharper passing off for sale one or more casks of  something other than
butter, covered with a layer of butter, as butter.  It might have been lard
however.  I will look for my copy of this book but I think that it is

A Hundred Merry Tales and other Jestbooks of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Century.  Edited by P.M. Zall.  University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln
Nebraska 1963


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