[Sca-cooks] Castle Cake

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Fri Nov 10 18:11:46 PST 2006


I took time last weekend to test the castle cake pan that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago on this list.  The linked gallery is a few pictures of the finished cake.  I made a half pound cake (half a regular pound cake recipe), and found it to be the exact right amount of batter for this pan.  As you can see from the pictures, the cake does not bake evenly because of the various thicknesses of the different areas of the pan.  The detail wasn't bad, but probably would have been better if I had beat the batter to a finer consistancy.  Yeah, I got in a hurry.

If anybody has and comments or questions that require a response from me, please understand that I will be away and out of all contact for a week.  After we return we start moving into our new house, so please excues potential delays in response.

Mairi Ceilidh

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