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I've seen recipes with un-gettable ingredients like those before
(un-gettable in my part of the world), and I've just not dealt with them at
all.  I would imagine that ingredients with distinct tastes like camphor or
musk would have a distinct effect on a dish, and that making a dish without
them might result in tasty food, but it wouldn't result in the same dish.
If I had the opportunity to acquire the ingredients, I might try, but
otherwise I'd probably look for recipes in the texts that I *can* get the
components for.  ;o)
p.s.  Welcome back, Your Excellency!

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> On 11/12/06, Sydney Walker Freedman <freedmas at stolaf.edu> wrote:
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> > I most definitely will.  Thanks!
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> > > I have not tried this one but I have worked with edible camphor.  make
> > > sure
> > > you get it from a good East Indian shop and tell them it is to
> > eat.  They
> > > will make sure you get the right stuff. There are several different
> >
> > > to
> > > process campor, and some should not be ingested.
> > >
> > > aibhilin
> > >
> Yes, I've been  reading through recipes from the Ni'matnama (Book of
> Delights) from north India...Mughal.  I find a LOT of the recipes call for
> both camphor and musk.  What do you guys do when you find something like
> this?  Do you try to find edible versions of these ingredients (tried it
> once for musk and could only find the chemical version used in perfumes,
> definitely inedible)?  Or maybe you've figured out a substitute(s) that
> gives a similar taste...or do you just omitted it all together?  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated as some of these recipes really fit what
> I'm trying to do for my ME feast in February.
> Kiri
> PS:  It's good to be back!!
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