[Sca-cooks] Pennsic Chirurgeon fiasco

Lisa silvina at allegiance.tv
Tue Nov 14 06:21:29 PST 2006

> Well, there have been delays, and they are reasonably sensible,
> although extremely annoying. The BoD hasn't wanted to go off half
> cocked, so they needed reports from all involved- our Society
> Chirurgeon, Eleanor, said that her rep[ost was over 30 pages, and the
> BoD said that hers was the 4th longest- that's a lot of material to
> digest. We've been raising blazes on Chirurgeon's List, and we were
> supposed to get a report from our BoD Ombudsman, Shawn, about the
> first of last week, but she had a hard drive meltdown, so there has
> been a delay- in an email dated Nov 12th, she wrote:
> "I have completd the draft and it is being reviewed.  Once I get it
> back and do a final revision and a final check with the rest of the
> Board, it will be released, most likely sometime this week.  I was
> hoping for early this week, but I will have limited time to deal with
> SCA issues due to working out of the office much of Monday and Tuesday
> (and thus minimal computer access) and having training sessions that
> will keep me occupied Monday and Tuesday evenings.
> Shawn"
> in response to my query about a ball park figure.
> Unfortunately, while there is reason for the delay, the longer we
> wait, the more rumors of horrible actions on the part of the
> Chirurgeonate proliferate, and it is just not true that either any
> Chirurgeon, or the Chirurgeonate as a whole were committing multiple
> acts detrimental to the health of Pennsic goers.
> In fact, it appears to me that precisely the opposite was true- that
> the Lady Mayor's acts were the result of several factors, including
> ignorance of medical protocols and Chirurgeonate protocols on her
> part, resulting in a panicked action, which led to setting up a
> situation which, had the weather not been as nice as it was, may have
> led to a shut down of Pennsic. But, please keep in mind, this is _MY_
> opinion, based only on the facts as I have been able to determine
> them. And, unfortunately, the President's letter gives the appearance
> that her actions were justified, although it does nothing to address
> the root of the various problems.
> However, it _IS_ being worked on, we Chirurgeons are doing our best to
> tell the BoD to keep moving, while attempting to remain polite. even
> in the face of messages from certain PTBs telling us not to discuss
> the situation on Chirurgeon's List.
> At the moment, we're waiting...
> For those of you who have an interest, please feel free to express
> your concerns to the BoD. Perhaps if they hear more from
> non-Chirurgeons, they'll realize how upset many of the populace are-
> after all, it was our interim President who said, at Pennsic, at the
> BoD meeting with the populace, that we, the members, are their
> customers...
> -- 
> Saint Phlip

Saint Phlip,

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