[Sca-cooks] Random food-related questions....

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Tue Nov 14 08:54:21 PST 2006

I've got all these odd bits of topics floating around in my head, and I
figured I'd send them out in one, big blorp.
1.  What's the best way to preserve murri? I want to make a whole bunch of
it (against future usage and probable quince shortage), and then save it.
Should I bottle it and freeze it? Any ideas? (I'm making the "byzantine"
2.  Has anyone played with ale barm much? A brewing friend just gave me two
jars of it (about three cups total), from a batch of brown ale, and I'd like
to use it in some bread, but don't know how to go about it.  It's a fairly
substantial slurry of yeasts and such at this point.  My thought was to use
it almost like a sourdough starter, but any advice would be much
3.  Other than bread-making, what would you-all do if you suddenly owned 25
lbs. of basic, Gold Medal flour? (gift/donation from same friend who gave me
the barm) I've had a lot of problems with miller moths in my kitchen this
year, so I don't know that I want to store it long term, so I'm looking for
baking ideas? It's almost that time of year, plus, running the stove keeps
that end of the house warm!


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