[Sca-cooks] medicinal recipies

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 14 20:03:35 PST 2006

I just realized that most of the recipes using camphor in the Anonymous 
Andalusian Cookbook call for it to be dissolved in rosewater.  It can't be 
elecampane camphor, which once extracted is not water soluble.  Helenin and 
the other active ingredients are extracted from the crystal matrix by 
iterative alcohol baths.


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Neither do I, so I can't use that as a source either.  Phlip...what about
asking Paul?

On another note, can anyone tell me, should I decide to try one of the many
recipes that call for these two ingredients (camphor and musk) where I could
find food-grade supplies of either (or both).  Or does anyone know of a
substitute that would give a similar flavor?



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