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I do have access to the Huici Miranda translation and in text for the book I am preparing my comments on the meaning of camphor are: "The tree is a native of China and Japan and spread from there to India and Madagascar. The Arabs brought it to Europe where it grows in Italy and now in other tropical and subtropical countries." I, therefore, assumed that the tree was brought to Spain the with all the many other herbs, spices, vegetables and durum wheat by the Islams. 
	The bad news is that looking at my text of my citation I find it is incorrect. As the Chilean National Library is so worthless I must go back to Madrid, Spain which will cost me a pretty penny to find the source although I presume it is from Covarrubias Orozco, Sebastián de. Tesoro de la lengua castellana o español. Madrid: Luis Sánchez, impressora del Rey N.S.1611 
	The good news is that as a result I will go for Christmas, spend it with my Spanish friends and will not be left all alone crying soup alone here because snobby Chileans do not accept foreigners into their homes.
Many thanks for tripping me up keep it up!
	Recipes including camphor and instructing to "dissolve it by pounding" are: 
 45. Receta de la "Ka-fu-riya" -- con alcanfor, p 37-38
50. Receta de la "Y^ula-biya -- plato con julepe -- p. 40 
62. Gallina que se llama Ïbra-himiya," p 46
323. Hechura de manzana, p 180
372. Torta blanca con cebolla, p 204-205
381. Hechura del /Muhlabiya/, p 209
402. Receta para hacer Y^u-da-ba, llamada Umm al-faray^ es un plato oriental, p 200-221
404. /Y^u-da-ba/ provechosa para el frío y que fortalece el coito, p 222
405. Hechura de la /Kina-fa/, p 223
420. /Rafi-s/ regio, p 231-232 
427. Receta de la rosquilla, p 235
433. Otra clase de él, p 239
435. Hechura de la Qa-hiriya, p 240 
436. Qa-hiriya al horno, p 240-241
437. La /Qa-hiriya/ solar, p 241
438. Qa-hiriya llamada Al-s,a-bu-niya, p 241
439. El /Sanbu-sak/, p 242 
441. Receta de los Qat,a-if ?Abbra-sies, p 243
444. Receta del enmielado, usado entre nosotros,
como final de los platos, p 244
446. Enmielado usado en Túnez en los banquetes, p 245
469. Dulce oriental, p 257
472. La marmórea, p 258
473. Hechura de Alcorza de azúzar, p 258
474. Hechura del /Alfeñique/, p 259
475. Azucarado, p 259-260

> Bear wrote: 
>> Having no access to Huici-Miranda's translation, I can't comment on
> "Camphor 
> >from Basil."
> Were you looking for the Spanish translation that Huici-Miranda did of the
> Arabic manuscript?  If so, I have the Spanish here somewhere.  Charles
> Perry went back to the Arabic manuscript when he reviewed our English
> translation of Huici-Miranda's Spanish version.  I don't have the Arabic. 
> If you are curious about the Spanish, let me know and tell me which recipe,
> please.
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