[Sca-cooks] Hindu Recipe?

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 06:53:25 PST 2006

A sweet that I ran across researching recipes for my ME feast, though
Mughal, is from India (and IIRC) is actually period...don't have the source
here at work.  I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds yummy...dried apricots
stuffed with marzipan.  Very simple...and should be completely vegetarian.
Also, there is a vegetarian version of samosas (also period, by the bye)
that's very tasty.  It's a little more complicated to prepare, but you could
use the ready-made pie dough (Pillbury makes a very good one).  It is a
savory, but most folks, even those not at all adventurous, seem to like it.
I don't have the recipe here,  but you could "google" samosas and find one


On 11/15/06, CLdyroz at aol.com <CLdyroz at aol.com> wrote:
> Well, it is time to start the Holiday Office Parties.
> My office is doing their Thanksgiving get-together next Tuesday.
> We have a new guy in the office who is of Indian extraction and Hindu by
> faith.
> That means that he is a strict vegetarian and of course, there are those
> in
> the office who cannot fathom this way of faith or life, and ::sigh:: give
> him a
> hard time about it.
> He will be bringing the Cranberry Sauce and his own salad to eat.
> I would like to prepare something that would be a welcoming to him, and a
> little bit of an education to us. A sharing of cultures, you might say.
> He is certainly getting an education by being the only male on this
> shift-with 14 southern women (poor little guy-this is his first job out of
> college)
> All of this long history is working up to this; does anyone know of a dish
> or
> a source, where I can find a fairly easy Hindu/Indian dish, that would
> also
> work for an ethnically mixed office? Possibly a sweet? (that would go
> better
> with this crowd then a curry)
> Luncheon will be the usual-Turkey, dressing, greens, mac and cheese, pinto
> beans, sweet potatoes (candied, not mashed), cornbread, pecan pie and
> sweet
> potato pie. You can see why he is planning on mixed green salad for
> himself....
> Thank you!
> Helen
> Planning on baking a pecan pie and...something special
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