[Sca-cooks] Simple Indian dishes

Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 10:36:50 PST 2006

How about a simple cucumber mint raita.  Take cucumber shred it and squeeze out some of the water, strain some plain yoghurt, mix the two together with some salt, black pepper and some fresh chopped mint, you can also add some chopped green chillis (if your tastes run to hot). 
  My favorite dessert is carrot halva, carrots cooked in milk and sugar with cardomom until they dissolve into this wonderful carroty goodness. 
  I found a bunch of recipes I would trust on this site: 
  Mostly because they are actually posted by Indians.  
  Good luck. 
  Personally I find Indian food supremely yummy, it is just a shame that my hubby doesn't. 
  At 23:49 -0500 2006-11-15, CLdyroz at aol.com wrote:
>  All of this long history is working up to this; does anyone know of 
a dish or
>  a source, where I can find a fairly easy Hindu/Indian dish, that 
would also
>  work for an ethnically mixed office? Possibly a sweet? (that would 
go better
>  with this crowd then a curry)

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