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> Not all Hindus are vegetarians. The primary restriction is no beef. 
> However, he may be Brahman caste, and they are often vegetarian. If 
> he's from a very strict and high caste family, he may eat only food 
> prepared by others of the appropriate caste and relationship.
> Indian food is HIGHLY regional, and EXTREMELY varied. And unless you 
> know where he's from (or his family), just-any-joe-random-curry may 
> seem weird and non-Indian to him.
> What should work is just about any dairy dish.

He was born in India, but his family came here not long afterwards. They have 
worked hard to stay a traditional Indian family. He told me once that they 
come from the North Indian area, and he once told me the state, but I cannot 
remember it. 
He is as strict a vegetarian as he can be, and still function-which means 
that he can eat dairy and he will eat eggs if he has to. 
He is a 'Do no harm' Hindu, which means if a bug appears, he will try to take 
it outside, while we would kill....

In a way, I understand what your daughter has gone through. I'm a Southern 
Woman who will not eat certain traditional Southern foods. The usual responses 
that that generates is really getting tiresome.
You would think that after 52 years, my own Mother would remember....



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