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Mon Nov 20 11:16:30 PST 2006

One way to manage is to develop menu that includes what is being served, and 
an all-inclusive list of what is in which item.  People can then select food 
that they can eat from the various items that are offered.

I do try to accommodate the dietary requirements for an average of 30 people 
once a year.  It is called Candlemas. I do not accommodate all needs in all 
foods, else there be little more than rye cracker and pear water on the 
menu.  What I will do is to provide a wide variety of stuff, with enough of 
each in each course that caters to each individual need that if you go away 
from the Otherhill Candlemas table hungry, it is not through any lack at the 
Otherhill Table.

Otherhill Meat Feast for Candlemas this year will include four or five meat 
courses.  Each course will have a Vegetarian accompaniment and a crossover 
accompaniment (something that might have milk, egg, or butter in it, but no 
meat, meat product or meat broth).  Sweet courses will have sugar-free 
options, and all will be low-salt. There will also be a broad array of 
sauces, a selection of sugars, small dishes of herbs and spices and a 
well-stocked salt-celler so that those who may find individual offerings too 
bland for the individual’s taste may spice to their preference.  The 
individual spice center is an experiment which, if it goes well, will make 
appearance at future Candlemas Feasts.



Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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