[Sca-cooks] potted meats

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 20 11:01:15 PST 2006

I never turn down bugs!  Yayz!  I will trust your judgement here and 
just remind you we are cooking for 125 [as of today -- I am really 
planning for 150].

If there are pre-made crab cakes that we can just bake and eat, that 
would make me very happy.  One less thing to make from scratch, give me 
more of that!  I've hit the "overwhelm" point that I usually do before a 
big gig.  All I need now is a lot of petting and patting and reassurance 
and it will all be okay.  Just ignore the screaming.  It will really all 
get done.


Elaine Koogler wrote:
> Speaking of which...do you still want crab meat from here for her wedding?
> If so...what form?  I can get several different grades of crab meat, in
> addition to crab cakes (best in our area).  Let me know and I'll contact my
> supplier and see what I can do.
> Kiri
> On 11/20/06, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Exactly so!  Beef fat/tallow is pretty darned waxy and the logical jump
>> to paraffin was not difficult to make.
>> Hmmm.  Maybe I really should do up potted shrimps for Huette'n'Hroar's
>> wedding, with all the Potters present.  <grin>
>> Selene

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