[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Mon Nov 20 11:40:14 PST 2006

At 09:40 AM 11/20/2006,Ysabeau said something like:
>So, how would you handle the dilemma of having one person in a group who is
>vegan? My cousin is cooking so she is making tofurkey (yech!) and regular
>turkey...she is also basically making duplicates of almost every dish...a
>special vegan cake (they use 7-up and applesauce instead of eggs and
>oil?!?!),  mashed potatos with no butter butter or milk, plain green beans,
>etc. I know he is family, but how far would you go to accomodate one
>person's special diet before telling them to bring their own food? I can't
>really complain because I'm not doing it, but still...

There's some friends of mine who will do feasts if they know I'm cooking, 
because (even when I grumble) I make sure there is vegan food 
available.  Sometimes it just takes a different perspective on the meal 
from the one we walk in with.
I dug around, and sure enough, there's a webpage on making a vegan holiday 
meal for meat eaters. See? That could be a lot of fun, that way there's 
stuff that everybody can eat.


I'd be doing some substituting on some of those items though, as I know I 
don't have "rapadura" sugar for the spiced nuts.  The corn chowder looks 
quite awesome on it's own, and not hard to make at all.

So, good luck!!
Maggie MacD. 

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