[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

Sharron Albert morgana at gci.net
Mon Nov 20 21:56:51 PST 2006

>  > Michael Gunter wrote:
>  > >So, what are y'all making for Thanksgiving?

I'm joining the family of my godson (my 'real' family lives in 
Florida; I'm in Alaska). We're pretty traditional.

My job is the green bean/soup/fried onion casserole, which we all 
admit a guilty pleasure in eating. I have to make two batches -- one 
of us doesn't like mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup.

I also have charge with the smashed potatoes. I'd make them with 
cream cheese and sour cream if I had my druthers (the kind that 
harden your arteries just looking at them-G), but another picky eater 
won't touch them with either ingredient. As there are only six of us, 
I'll concede and do milk/butter, and check to see if garlic 
acceptable to add.

I haven't heard the rest of the menu, but expect to see turkey (I 
bring my own jellied cranberry sauce just in case someone gets fancy; 
I don't do whole berries), a pork pie (speciality of the person who 
won't eat special smashed potatoes), stuffing of some kind and 
dessert of some kind. Maybe rolls if anyone remembers (G). We're 
pretty casual.

Probably some find of stuffing; I'm happy as long as it's not oyster 
or chestnut -- I grew up with them and hating them. I thought I hated 
all stuffing until I was in college and was introduced to a fairly 
'vanilla' bread stuffing and loved it.

Mostly I do Thanksgiving to be with friends. Food is optional (G).

Have a good turkey day, or however you celebrate!

Morgana, where it's gettin' down to -25F at night. Definite brrrr factor...
Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy 
is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. --Savielly 
Tartakover, GM, quoted in "The Eight" by Katherine Neville 

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