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You can carmelize onions without butter (white wine and broth) and a mir
poix is an amazing source of richness. Toss some mushrooms in and when they
cook down and reabsorb all that liquid you got a gravy to kill for. And no
animal fats (no fat at all, unless you want to start with a dollop of heart
friendly olive oil). Carmelization is your friend!! Even plain root veggies
transcend to the sublime if you slick them with a bit of olive oil and roast
them at high temp for a bit. Roast baby carrots (already peeled if you're
rushed) and then sprinkle with thyme just before serving. I've never had
anyone need to put butter on them after that....  < < < < <

And some arrowroot, potato starch or cornstarch can sub in for roux as the
thickener quite well.  Less flavor, and a wierd translucent quality, but
thickens up for the veg-heads.

niccolo difrancesco

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