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> I found I like the taste of truly roasted turkey better than 
> the brown in bag steamed ones.  Trick is a meat thermometer.  
> I love those "instant read things :-).  Don't overcook the 
> turkey and you will be fine with juicy, tasty turkey even if 
> it is the store brand and much cheaper than butter ball.  The 
> turkey has to feed around 20 people so I get the huge ones 
> that remind you of Baby Huey if you are near my age!
> Regina Romsey

WILBUR!  (Yeah, I remember Baby Huey, too.)

Okay, that needs explaining:  Grandad Moore took over more and more of
the cooking as Grandma's arthritis and other ailments got worse.  His
shifts in the regimen that were incorporated for the Thanksgiving meal
included finding the largest turkeys he though he could get away with.
The first of the line was "Wilbur", somewhere over 18 pounds.  I think
the line topped out at a little over 22 pounds, "Wilburetta".
Fortunately for all, Grandma also had an expandable roaster (military
surplus, base plus lid plus two "rings" that could be added for

Typically, the Moore farmhouse fed upwards of twenty people at some time
on Thanksgiving Day, so volume was a good thing.

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