[Sca-cooks] Larding Pork Loin???

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Tue Nov 21 19:46:02 PST 2006

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> > > > It must be extremely trimmed. I've rarely seen pork loin served
that wasn't dry. The lean center meat combined with the fear
of any pork that isn't bone dry combined with reheating makes
for awful eating. Pork isn't particularly marbled like beef and so
easily dries out from poor cooking. About the only time I serve
pork at a feast is in dishes with braising or steaming. Such as

Items like pork shoulder, butt or the fatty parts aren't nearly
as bad. But I've rarely had a pork loin that wasn't dry by the
time it got to the table. Larding it with a smoky bacon sounds
like it would rock.

>Now, if I were working without a covered pan or the bag, then I could
>see some over-trimmed pork roasts being "difficult".

Think about any time you have had pork offered at feasts.
All but a handful of times, it has been dry and chewy.

>Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe (Mike C. Baker)

Gunthar  < < < < < << < <

Man.  I feel sorrow for you and your sandy bits of chewy porcine h at ll.  In
my small piece of the world, I gained the monicker "Loin King" <blush> for
the fortunes I've had preparing the driest, least forgiving slab of pork
known to modern man.  Think about brining the things before cooking, as an
additional technique when larding (for some unknown reason) just isn't
tempting to you.  Loin is my preferred cut these days, and either salting
the day before, or brining has expanded the margin of error and added to my
word fame.

You gotta know your meat, and the brining gives a much simpler target to hit
in terms of medium (or slightly more done) meat being moist and tender.
Gunthar, If I can figure a way to do it effectively, I'm gonna mail you a
roast I did over coals back in September, and froze the next day as it was
left over (made 4 whole loins).  Dry ice and next day shipping should do me
if I can find the Omaha Steaks cooler.  No promises, but it could work out.
Defrosted a one-third loin roast last week, and it was stellar.

It can be done . . . keep the faith.

niccolo difrancesco

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