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> Hope this kid finds some good cook books for himself or a decent ethnic take
> out place sometime in the next 60-70 years if he continues to live in the US
> (probably in a nice Indian ghetto like those around D.C.) with an Indian
> bride picked by him for his family he will be much happier.

Funny you should mention that....
He leaves tomorrow for an almost round-the-world trip to his home state in 
India. The purpose? Marriage. 
He and his new bride have met *once.* She has been in the states for a year, 
studying nursing in Houston. 
Yes, she was picked for him by his family. It will be a traditional three day 
wedding in India. He has promised us pictures. 
He has also promised to help me pick out something for the next Office 
Feast-we had a nice talk today about foods from his home state (You were right, 
Urtatim! ) He was surprised that I knew what Curry really is (spice blends) and 
that I was familiar with vegetarian cooking, AND with some of the customs of his 
there are a number of ethnic restaurants on the Southside of Birmingham. 
There is Surin West, a marvelous Thai restaurant, Taj India, which Mayank Highly 
recommends for Southern Regional India, one whose name I cannot recall, but 
does do curries, and Sakura, which does an excellent Japanese cuisine (sadly, 
only open for dinner, not lunch). Oh, and cannot forget the Golden Temple. It is 
totally vegetarian, and has a small grocery section. It carries Holistic 
There really is much goodness to be found in Alabama...without the 

BTW-I enjoy learning about the foods, cultures and customs of other 
countries/ethnic groups. I find them fascinating!

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