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> > > And if you want to share the recipe for the brine with the rest of us,
would work.  We could try to replicate your winning technique!

Kiri  ;-> < < < <

Many apologies for spoon teasing!  It's generally the same brine you would
use for poultry with a little sugar.  Figure 1/4 cup table salt and a
tablespoon of sugar to half gallon of water for a 3 hour brining session.
One gallon of water for 6 to 8 hours.  I also baste my loin roast with a
butter based sauce with herbs and seasonings (your recipe here).  Cook's
Illustrated is where I got my start with the pork brine.

Last two times I salted the pork loins with table salt overnight.  I use
about 1/3 cup salt for a 3# roast (1 cup for a whole single loin) . . .
seems like  a lot, but baste carries some away.  You could use less, if you
want to reduce soodium, but don't skimp!  You can also rinse the roast and
pat dry before roasting; that has worked well for me as well.   I generally
do not rinse, though, as I use a dry rub in addition to the salt (no added
salt in rub).

I grill over indirect heat until done, basting every 15 minutes.  Oven is
300F until internal temp is 140-142F+, no more than 147 since carry-over
will cook it further.  I get a delightfully moist, evso so slightly pink
tinged roast.  If the cook or guests have an aversion to the tiniest little
tinge, and require well-done, then go to larding the thing.  Past medium,
and the loin is heading for lands of precision cooking that I do not wrestle
with . . . too easy to dry it out.  You gotta stop the temp on a dime (or so
it feels when I'm roasting past medium).

niccolo difrancesco

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