[Sca-cooks] Sugarpaste Questions

TheBard3 thebard3 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 22 14:25:11 PST 2006

The reason for using raw suger is because I have a friend that will only eat
that type because "it's healthier".  Normally I just run plain sugar through
a blender.  I find that, to me at least, that works better than using
packaged confectoners suger.  Going to color the stuff anyway so I might
just use the white stuff and not tell anyone.

Just found I did have a little, very lettle, gum tragacanth in my spice box.
Thinging of making a test batch to see if I can coat a gelled fruit puree
(think it might work if I use ager-ager to set it).  Was thining of making
something like a chocolate coated orange peel.  Will give that info if it
works (Yes, I know that wouldn't be period but, someone might find the info
useful anyway...)

Take It Easy,
James P.

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> >Also, if the color isn't a factor wouldn't raw sugar work as well as
> You would have to grind it up to a fine powder.  And, why would you prefer
> to do that?  You could as well grind up regular white sugar into a finer
> form if you didn't want to use commercial powdered sugar.  Period
> confectioners used the best and whitest sugar available for their
> so if you wanted to be more "period" you could use table sugar and grind
> up in a blender, with via mortar and pestle, or a combination of both.

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