[Sca-cooks] Zero Birthday and The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Fri Nov 24 09:21:50 PST 2006

Your menu sounds to die for.... one question though..... If this is  
your mom's BIG BIRTHDAY dinner and she hates cheese, why have a  
cheese course? Shouldn't the whole dinner be built around HER likes.  
(and if the other diners like cheese, it won't kill them to go  
without this one time.)
Just a thought.
On Nov 20, 2006, at 2:49 PM, Cat . wrote:

> After an almost knockdown-dragout a few years back my
> mom and I made peace.  She gets Thanksgiving (ALL of
> Thanksgiving, I dont get to help or bring a thing
> (trust me, I TRIED) and I get the Goose on Xmas day.
> This year though I get a treat, I get to cook my
> Mothers BIG ZERO BIRTHDAY dinner. (she wanted to go
> out, the restaurant is closed on the big day, and she
> wont have it any other day... SO I GET TO COOK!)  Last
> week we were talking and in passing she mentioned a 9
> course meal she had read or heard about SO Im running
> with the idea.
> Its modern, but I would love suggestions or input, the
> only thing non- negotiable is the main course.
> Shrimp cocktail and Lox and bagel bites
> Champagne (sparkling Syrah)
> Mushroom consome
> Field greens with vinaigrette
> Lemon sorbet
> Grilled or pan sautéed filet mignon w Mushroom
> demi-glace
> King Crab legs with drawn butter
> Baked potato with sour cream and chives
> Steamed asparagus
> Fresh baked rolls and butter
> Syrah (not sure the kind yet, possibly kingfisher)
> cheese course (no more than 3, mom hates cheese, so
> also)
> jam and fresh breads
> fruits
> Cherries jubilee over vanilla ice cream
> Chocolate truffles and meringues kisses
> After-dinner liquors
> Birthday cake
> Coffee
> Im not sure I like the order of the post dinner
> courses yet (but cherries jubilee followed by cheese
> seemed wrong too)
> and Im still dithering what kind of cake I want to
> make her.  a Hazelnut torte, or a chocolate truffle
> torte, or small versions of my zero cake (nuts and
> chocolate covered with marzipan and then glazed with
> dark chocolate - too much work for anything but a
> birthday ending in zero) done in mouse, hedgehog or
> lady bug shapes (her faves) or?????
> Would love to hear what the list would change or add.
> In Service and Thanks
> Gwen Cat
> PS Papa, THANKS for this list, I love reading
> everyones plans
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