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Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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Ziploc makes some pretty good storage containers--I use a lot of them for
leftovers and such.  They come in varying sizes, and are generally found in
the same aisle with ziploc bags, aluminum foil, etc.
If that's the same aisle as the smelly stuff in your local market (and I
know what you mean--the laundry aisle does me in, too!), try a place like
Target.  At ours, they're in distinctly different areas.
Rubbermaid makes lots of varying airtight containers, too.

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> I almost never shop in the supermarket, because the Safeway near me
> plays advertisements over their speaker system and it drives me nuts
> (and i was already close enough to walk) - i start ranting back to
> the ads and other shoppers give me very strange looks. And when i go
> to the Berkeley Bowl, i get dairy products and fresh produce and
> occasionally some canned or boxed foods, but keep away from the
> household products aisle (the scented products make me sneeze and get
> a stuffy nose). So i've no idea what the current range of commercial
> food storage products is like. So, uh, what do people recommend as
> "air tight containers"?

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