[Sca-cooks] Thanksgiving 2006

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 25 19:38:38 PST 2006

Well, i goofed - i forgot to take the Tofurkey out of the freezer. So 
it took about 3 hours to cook rather than 1-1/2 to 2. But that was 
ok... it was done a little after noon. Clearly i'm not the only one, 
because there were directions on the box for cooking it frozen.

And, hey, Wednesday night on one of those national network TV "news" 
shows, they actually did a segment on... Tofurkey!

Thanks to the show, i got to see the giant mixing vats of tofu/seitan 
dough for the "meat" and to watch the machines extruding the stuff 
into its plastic casing and cut and seal the giant sausage-like 
lumps. The "host" confessed that he didn't like tofu, but graciously 
said it tasted good. He didn't seem to really understand what it can 
be like to be a vegetarian at a "normal" Thanksgiving dinner, as he 
interviewed several long-time vegetarians, who told some of their 
tales of having sad Thanksgivings before Tofurkey. Also, apparently 
it's "new and improved" - the proof will be in the eating. It got low 
marks from me 6 years ago.

I did get the Macy's Parade on TV on time. It confirmed that i hate 
the way TV does parades. You hardly get to see anything, but they 
make sure that they get all sorts of TV "personalities" on to plug 
shows on the station broadcasting the parade or singers having 
recording contracts with the "music" arm of the "parent corporation". 
When the marching bands come through, they announce how special they 
are, what prize winners they are, then let you hear one minute or 
less of music and then cut to a commercial. And i LOVE marching band 
music - despite the fact that i'm a registered Green, tree-hugging, 
former hippie, and took at least 4 semesters of non-Western music 
classes, and classes in the history of blues and jazz at the 
university, and had an aunt who was a classical pianist, and i really 
love classical music and late 20th C. "serious" music. I want to hear 
the marching bands!!!

Well, the proof WAS in the eating. The Tofurkey and the Tofurkey 
Gravy WERE vastly improved over those i had 6 years ago. The stuffing 
was tasty and fluffy - no longer a nasty gummy goo and with much less 
sage than last time. The gravy actually liquefied, rather than 
sitting in the pan in a gelid lump. It was certainly not as tasty as 
a well cooked turkey, but it was not longer an utter travesty, and i 
would recommend it to vegetarians or vegans who want something that 
reminds them of a traditional American Thanksgiving.

I also had whole berry cranberry sauce, lightly steamed green beans, 
and a tiny baked sweet potato in its skin. However, i goofed. I got 
the kind that are yellow inside, and they're starchier tasting than 
the bright orange kind i meant to get. Sigh. And there are 2 more of 
them for me to eat over the next 2 days.

I watched the American Kennel Club dog show broadcast from 
Philadelphia while i ate. Some of those dogs are such professionals, 
but a few still have doggy spirit.

I hope everyone else who is celebrating it has had a great 
Thanksgiving, and everyone else who is not had a great day.

I am thankful for this list and the long-distance friends i have made 
on it, some of whom i've even met in person and some i'll meet at 
Pennsic 2007.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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