[Sca-cooks] FW: Elizabethans using Platina and proper cookware

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 26 20:54:31 PST 2006

I've got a chaffing dish made by Hroar.  He's got another one in the sales
tables but will probably be a bit pre-occupied while you are here.  You can
see mine though.


On 11/26/06 6:29 PM, "Elaine Koogler" <kiridono at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Lady....
> I don't suppose you might have (or could take) pictures of those pots you
> have, do you?  I'm especially interested in the chafing dish and skillet.
> Wish I could be there to see Lainie's elevation...but one trip to the "other
> side of the world" is about all I can handle at this time.
> Take care...
> Kiri

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