[Sca-cooks] Fwd: I am pleased to announce....

silverr0se@aol.com silverr0se at aol.com
Tue Nov 28 10:25:59 PST 2006

 Congratulations to Miss Fancy and You! I know you will praise the Mighty Huntress to the skies.
Unfortunately I live with 2 Wimpy Huntresses, who will watch with great interest a line of ants or a beetle making themselves to home, with out expending even a mimimal effort to stop the invasion. Kizmet will chase flies, but has not yet caught one even when I've stunned it with the swatter. Jazzmin just watches. Both of them seem very interested in spiders, but since I have my own deal with them (the spiders) the cats are out of luck. Fortunately, I do not have a 4-legged vermin problem.
Of course, they are both sure death for any cats toys that dare to enter their domain (also on anything they determine IS a cat toy.) The favorites right now are 2 catnip snakes with crunchy-sounding stuff inside.
Cats are Hours of Amusement. Altho they don't think so.
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