[Sca-cooks] warming dishes for competition

wildecelery@aol.com wildecelery at aol.com
Tue Nov 28 12:31:27 PST 2006

 Greetings to the Lists!
 Kings and Queens A&S championships is coming up in January and I'm starting to work on my stuff... I've been working on a version of Flampoyntes using my homemade bag cheese.  Problem-- I believe it should be served warm, but in order to make it ahead to travel with, I then need to cool it down, but re-heat it for serving...plus the judging format doesn't always have people getting to things quickly, and with it being a pork dish I'd rather be safe than sorry...
Any ideas on ways to re-heat,and maintain heat under a dish on-site for an A&S competition?
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