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> > > > > I think thats a lot of
> grain splitting for a northerner who never remembers eating grits but
> cream of wheat was a breakfast stand by if one could not think of
> something less boring to eat.

Hey, it's a grain like most others. It's no more inherently boring
than rice, and responds well to spicy sauces, cheese, butter, etc.

Adamantius  < < < < <

I feel the angst and blah from Susan's post . . . I grew up with lumpy cream
of wheat as a kid . . . but pretty much liked it.  As an adult I got
'religion' and finally moved it out of the strictly gruel categry.

Man, boring cream of wheat/farina isn't.  Let it cool/congeal in a falt
layer like a cake pan, then cut it into diamonds, dredge in egg then flour
and fry to folden.  serve with powdered sugar, maple syrup, preserves, cane
syrup, or tomato sauce and parmesan.  Versitile and arguably related to a
recipe in Apicius for fried polenta cakes or some similar translation.

*Make it like a stiff polenta, and serve with broth or other favorite sauce.
*Add egg and seasonings, add appropriate others stuff like apple or raisins
and fry as fritters.
*Use as the base layer for a breakfast casserole type dish adding crumbled
sausage and beaten eggs . . .bake.
*Use a more leavened batter-y sort of preparation for wheat cakes (farina
based griddle cakes).

No specific recipes in hand, but I waxed poetic about that little red and
white box, and got inspired to defend the poor, misunderstood (and oft
maligned by Southerners) milled wheat product.

niccolo difrancesco

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