[Sca-cooks] warming dishes for competition

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Tue Nov 28 18:52:36 PST 2006

How about using the actual medieval way of keeping dishes warm?  A chaffing
dish.  The ones I had copied from a nice whole piece at Glastonbury looks
something like a big goblet with three "tines" standing up from the lip.
The goblet holds a bit of charcoal, and there are air slots for letting in
enough air for combustion to keep things warm (might even been able to cook
things like a custard or some such

http://www.historicenterprises.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=78	 I'm not a
customer, but the chaffing dish is exactly what I saw in several places
besides Glastonbury.  Wouldn't you earn extra points for keeping it warm in
a medieval way?

I got copies from both
pottery at moscow.com

from Morgaina atte Wodelonde, OL, OP
College of Lyonsmarche

and Casey Tompkins [caseyt at happyrhino.com]  Their Cost seems to be more in
the mailing than in the making.  We were intending to utilize them at
thanksgiving, but the piece of asbestos that we had selected to be our hot
pad disappeared from the dump at just the wrong time.  (solid Asbestos does
you no harm.  It's only when airborne fibers get around that thing can start

Regina Romsey who has lots of pictures, but can't post them

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