[Sca-cooks] my spicy turkey day

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Nov 29 08:46:12 PST 2006

I wasn't feeling well turkey day but I am getting ahead of things. The day
before Thanksgiving I had not gotten the turkey as all I needed was a small
bird, just the breast as only 3 of the 5 were going to eat the bird and none
are fond of the dark meat. I get to the store and find large to exlarge
turkeys only  but then the woman I helped find the type of turkey she wanted
pointed out what look to be small breasts of turkey. The outside of the bag
said seasoned turkey breast roll. I thought, well I'll make this just this
once, upside of no bones to mess with and there was any other choice, so I
go two (they were the size of an average meatloaf) and have the extra for
lunches. Well that night I with it thawed I took them out of their packages.
They were covered in lots of seasoning, orangish red seasoning. I didn't
think much about it. baked. When they were done I sliced them and put them
in containers of which one would go to the In laws the next day.
I woke up the next day not feeling well (non food related & non contagious
"not feel well") so I sent the bird along with my SO. I get a phone call
later that day from my mother in law asking me if I want what is left of the
turkey because the spices were to hot. Apparently the orangish red seasoning
was either curry, paprika or chili powder. I tried what I had and it kind of
tastes like curry and wherever the seasoning touched my mouth was VERY warm.
My SO told me that my MiL who doesn't like spicy except in sweet baked goods
(Norwegian/Wisconson raised I guess) eyes went wide and did the little my
mouth is burning dance when she tried it.
As for what happened to the rest of the turkey, well my BiL likes Tabasco on
his turkey so he has lunchmeat for the week and my portion I plan to make
fajitas. :)
Have a great week and weekend and hope that your turkey day was grand.

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