[Sca-cooks] warming dishes for competition

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Yes you can find chafing dishes that use a candle, to keep things warm. You 
can also make one.  They are not that complicated make friends with your 
local blacksmith to make the stand and find two dishes of the same shape 
that allow one to fit inside of the other leaving space for liquid 
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> Depends on the site rules- there are electric heaters available, as
> well as disposable steam trays- check out WalMart, BJs, or similar
> places. OTOH, if you want (and can use) a period solution, Master
> Hroar (who will likely be Hroar de combat until after the wedding)
> makes a very nice pottery chafing dish/chimney sort of affair that
> could be initially fueled with charcoal, and quite probably set to
> maintain heat with a candle.
> On 11/28/06, wildecelery at aol.com <wildecelery at aol.com> wrote:
>>  Greetings to the Lists!
>>  Kings and Queens A&S championships is coming up in January and I'm 
>> starting to work on my stuff... I've been working on a version of 
>> Flampoyntes using my homemade bag cheese.  Problem-- I believe it should 
>> be served warm, but in order to make it ahead to travel with, I then need 
>> to cool it down, but re-heat it for serving...plus the judging format 
>> doesn't always have people getting to things quickly, and with it being a 
>> pork dish I'd rather be safe than sorry...
>> Any ideas on ways to re-heat,and maintain heat under a dish on-site for 
>> an A&S competition?
>> -Ardenia
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