[Sca-cooks] Candle Chafers was burn marks

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Thu Nov 30 05:38:57 PST 2006

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> > > > > > 3) It won't help much if you then proceed to cook over a fire
with sappy, tarry wood, such as pine.

4) Especially if using industrial soaps, don't soap the inch nearest
to the pot rim. Getting any of this into the food can make folks sick.

Stefan < < < < < <

This is another reason I am leaning towards coal-type heat source.  Cooking
is most likely to be effective over a bed of coals rather than an
inconsistent and widly uncontrollable flame.  Flames are where the biggest
soot problems have come from in my old backpacking/Scouting days of cooking
on campfires.  Less flames means less soot, and less grime cleanup.

Expense and time are real considerations in creating a new idea and solution
for the problem.  The candle under a dish could be a solution that costs
little of either.  Two more thoughts/suggestions:

1) trim the wick of the candle.  Long wicks produce inefficient fuel burning
and more smoking, thus more cleanup possibility.

2)  Consider some sort of heat diffuser to eliminate the quarter-sized patch
of burned food that could result from continuous heat and no stirring.  A
disk of meatal or mesh that the dish sits upon over the falme could collect
and diffuse the heat if close enough to the flame (you could even go closer
to the flame with such an item, and reduce the hot spot.  The outer water
pan of traditional chafing dishes fills this role admirably in most cases
making the steam the actual heat transfer vehicle to the food dish.

niccolo difrancesco
(gotta protect that food)

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