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Well; if you insist...

>From someone standing closer than me..

In the semi-finals it was Gunther against Patrick Michael. They fought for
quite some time and Gunther legged His Grace who said "Ouch". He went to his
knees then said ouch a couple more times. Then Gunther went to his knees in
front of His Grace. His Grace then yielded to Gunther in response to his
chivalry. After they set up for the second point, His Grace used his Ducal
option to yield the second point and the field. 

The other pairing was Romanius and Kein. They fought a very long first point
to Romanius and a very long second one to Kein. The final one was also long
(and it was very hot even for us spectators), but Romanius managed to take
Kein a second time.

In the finals then it was Gunther against Romanius. There was about twenty
minutes before the finals started. They danced around for a while with
Romanius, as usual, making his defense look effortless. Gunther was making
good shots, but they were not quite getting through. There was more strategy
than I usually see (or maybe I was just more able to see it this time). But
Gunther was getting very tired. Patrick Michael called a hold and asked if
Gunther was OK. Patrick Michael asked for water for Gunther. Gunther said
"No" he must keep fighting or yield the point to Romanius. They gave him
water and started the fighting again. After a few minutes Romanius asked
Gunther if he was all right. Patrick Michael called a hold and decided to
call a 10 minute rest. Romanius went along with this though it was clearly
to his disadvantage.

They restarted and for a while Gunther looked good, then his exhaustion
began to show in his shots. Romanius threw a shot that appeared to hit him
in the top of the face grill. He asked Gunther if it was good. Gunther said
he did not know, but if Romanius thought it good, then it was. Romanius said
he would not call shots for another Knight. Gunther went to his knees,
listened to the discussion, and said "Stop the D*** dramatics and give his
the D*** hat". He yielded the round.

Though I missed court, I was told Gunther was awarded the blade of Chivalry
for his behavior. And, of course, Romanius was awarded the Prince's Crown
for his stellar performance. He fought well, steadily, and with honor on the
field and became the final victor.

Vivat Prince!

Caelin on Andrede

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