[Sca-cooks] Professional books was Yippee!!!!

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 1 19:35:24 PDT 2006

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> > > > What you might do is
shop textbook stores near colleges and universities that
have catering or food service programs and browse the books.
That way you can see them before shelling out lots of hard cash.
I used to buy all my used culinary textbooks that way.
Prices are up high because a lot of these titles now carry software
discs too and textbooks in general are high. Those nice pictures run the
prices up
too. <SNIP < < < < <

Thanks for the tip, but I just bagged a 2002 hardback copy of THE
PROFESSIONAL CHEF as recommended by several people.  On eBay, got it for
25.69 shipped.  Supposed to be in near new condition, so probably worth it
to me for the 7th edition.  If I need the 8th edition for some reason, I can
get the paperback online for the same price.  I prefer the hard cover,


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