[Sca-cooks] *Sigh* That tomato thing - again

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Mon Oct 2 12:56:21 PDT 2006

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> De: Yet there can be such a strong emphases on documentation that it
> intimidates the new people. The feeling that one may find someone
> in their
> face being told to "prove it".

*Well, again, prove what? I confess I've never seen this, not once in nearly
25 years. If you've seen specific instances of new people being being
thronged by armies of authenticity fascisti and intimidated, it hardly seems
like their ideology on documentation is especially relevant.

De: If you reread the line I am not saying that people do this but because
of atmosphere and emphasis of "must document" there is a fear that someone
will come up to you and be in your face about it.

> De: The first line with the beer I think, is a wee bit insulting.

Really? It's a fairly common expression denoting a primary interest in
having a good time over learning (generally what actually happens is both,

De: I have heard "I'm here for the beer and chips" and not in SCA context.
So now I understand the quote. :)

* and far less insulting than accusing people of denigrating, bashing or

De: Agree.

Sure. The Trayned Bandes, or the Plantagenet Society, or any of a  number of
other groups, are over that way... but who's presenting the
SCA in that way?

De: I am not sure who but I run across quite a few people who seem to have
that impression of SCA. Note, I not saying your doing this.

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