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Well I for one do smoke tobacco at SCA events.  I smoke a reproduction of 
the  annoyingly small Elizabethan pipe, though my tobacco being high in 
Latikia is not as period as it could be.

Ranald De Balinhard

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>I have been reading the abundance of messages on the tomato subject.  It is 
>my humble
> opinion that this is the answer one should give if one is asked if tomatos 
> were 'period':
> "Tomatos were brought over to Europe from the New World as curiosities. 
> While they were
> known in scientific circles, they weren't commonly used or accepted by the 
> average person
> (either noble or commoner) in post-Columbian Europe until well after the 
> SCA eras of study."
> This has led me to think about other New World items that were commonly 
> accepted.  One of
> them was tobacco.  There was very early acceptance of tobacco as an herb 
> to smoke and as
> a medicine.  Recipes for their use can be found in greater abundance than 
> for tomatos. There
> is evidence that tobacco was used by commoners [i.e. sailors and doctors] 
> long before the
> nobility became addicted.
> While I am NOT trying to advocate the use of tobacco in the SCA, for 
> whatever reasons,
> tobacco is overlooked as an item to be used to add as an element for the 
> SCA "atmosphere".
> I, personally, don't smoke and I don't like being around smokers because 
> all that smoke
> makes me cough.  I know why people don't advocate smoking as an SCA 
> activity.  But then
> when people start trying to advocate using tomatos and tomato products for 
> SCA banquets,
> I cringe and wonder about how far we should go.  I wonder how many more 
> people would
> scream to high heaven if I would make a latakia pie than if I would make a 
> tomato pie.
> Sigh... Snerk... Cough...
> Huette
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