[Sca-cooks] side track RE: *Sigh* That tomato thing - again

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Mon Oct 2 19:40:42 PDT 2006

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<I thought it was fairly innocuous, except, perhaps, if the listener
finds beer somehow immoral, or just hates the stuff.>

De: I call beer panther piss. :P but before the association of the b&c, it
seemed to imply that if you were not in SCA for research and history you
were in it for the drinking parties.

> De: I am not sure who but I run across quite a few people who seem  to
have that impression of SCA. Note, I not saying your doing this.

That's interesting. I've seen a lot more of the impression that we're posers
with a penchant for bad academics. I guess it depends on who you hang out
with the rest of your free time ;-).

De: The ones I have heard such comments have been from those who were not
satisfied with SCA and wanted more authenticity in their hobby as well as a
few reinactors.

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