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> > > > As I recall, Ras's Nouveau Cuisine begins earlier than that with the
in spicing that shows up in the first half of the 15th Century, demarking a
change from Medieval into Renaissance cooking.  The New World foods just
widen the gap.

Historically, the trade in foodstuffs between the New and Old Worlds is
rather fascinating, because it marks a change in the foods actually in use
both in Europe and the Americas and the marginalization of some foods
previously in use in those regions.  (Ras's Nouveau Cuisine if you will.)
The change is rather fascinating.

The opening of European trade with India in 1502 is a third occurrence that
further widens the change.

Bear< < < < < < <

Ras' discourses on this list are what started the change in my understanding
of foodways development in our historic time frame.  I used to be very date
oriented, and found that the significant trade, travel and military
occurances were far more significant in modifying the culinary habits of
peoples than the turn of their calendar to a differnet year.  It happened
pretty early in my career, so I didn't have too many presumtions and habits
to break.

niccolo difrancesco

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