[Sca-cooks] pimps and harlots omelet?

Anne-Marie Rousseau dailleurs at liripipe.com
Tue Oct 3 08:28:45 PDT 2006

Woot! Thanks so much! I'm a bit abashed that I own that book and didn't
recognize the citation....

It sounds like this is a recipe from a manuscript that I don't have in my
collection (yet). Ha! ;)

I'm told that if you tweak it a bit and do it as a quiche or custard its
very nice (tho the original says nothing about that, and in fact definitely
says you cook the eggs in oil). I wonder if you could do a crustless custard
that way? Ie if you don't mix it up in the pan but assure an even smooth
constincey before you cook it, could you get something with a nice mouth


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