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Wed Oct 4 00:37:09 PDT 2006

Elizabeta commented:
<<< In my opinion, documentation is
desirable, as it allows others to see and hopefully recreate what you're
doing, possibly using or jumping off from the sources you've used. >>>

One of the prime reasons that the Florilegium was started, was so  
that people could make use of the knowledge of others without having  
to start over from the beginning. Along those lines, I would love to  
have more A&S documentation for the Florilegium, if it will stand  
alone without the actual item(s). This especially applies to papers  
entered into A&S contests, since in that case, they have no item  
whose being missing would risk losing some of the information being  

<<< In some
situations, such as major A&S competitions, I would say that  
is even necessary and probably should be required.  Now having said  
for small local competitions where you have people entering  
competitions for
the first time, documentation can be a major stumbling block,  
especially if
they're new enough that they've never run across documentation. >>>

My own, few A&S entries have suffered from this. That and trying to  
start on the documentation just before the event. :-)

To help those folks that are not scared of coming up with  
documentation, I've tried to have a selection of articles on this  
subject in the Florilegium. Unfortunately, the appropriate  
documentation and it's amount, often seem to differ by contest and  
perhaps by individual judge.  If you have folks who are uncertain of  
writing up their documentation for their A&S project, you might want  
to point them to these files in the CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS section  
of the Florilegium:
5x8-Doc-art       (19K)  2/17/99    "5x8 Documentation Is All It  
Takes: How to
                                        Write Documentation for A&S  
Entries" by
                                        Gunnora Hallakarva.
AS-cont-docu-msg  (44K)  1/25/01    Documentation suggestions for A&S  
Documentation-art (12K)  8/22/04    "Documentation - a Quick and  
Painless Guide"
                                        by Ld. Daniel Raoul le Vascon.
Narfing-Iron-art  (12K) 10/23/00    "A Brief Beginner's Guide to  
                                        by Lady Jehanne de Huguenin.

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