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Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Wed Oct 4 18:44:08 PDT 2006

Info on A Day in Pompeii Exhibit

Greetings unto the list,

It is my esteemed pleasure to announce that the Explorium Science museum
here in Mobile, Alabama is opening an exhibit in January called "A Day In
Pompeii". It is my understanding that some of the legionnaire groups will be
coming down on the first weekend in February to do a demonstration and I
will be setting up the kitchen for this event, as well as cooking the Cena
Romanum for the banquet that night. I have not heard from the Legion
organizer for this event yet, but it is my understanding that they are
looking for more soldiers/ bodies to wear armor. I will post more info here
as soon as I know the details and requirements. I also discussed yesterday
with the exhibit director about possibly getting a Celtic war band together
for a mock battle.

I am most honored to be working in an advisory postition in the kitchen and
cooking section for the museum and will have the opportunity to view and
assist with the set up of the artifacts for the kitchen collection.....I am
ecstatic over this prospect. I hope that those of you that live close to the
area, or not, will be able to make it for this exhibit. We are happy to make
arrangements for crash space for any of you that would like to come down. I
had the opportunity to view the artifact catalog yesterday, and they have
lots of really nice things coming , including 8 body casts, funerary
statues, lovely jewelry and unguent jars, lots of cooking items and portable
stoves, and carbonized food items as well.

They have a great lecture series scheduled as well: discussion on Pliny's
works, medical history, and I will be doing a series here as well on Roman
cooking, the markets of Pompeii, and the Roman pantry. I am very excited
about all of this and am still in awe that they contacted me.

Please foward this to any lists that you feel are appropriate...
docendo discimus
Lady Gwenhwyvar march Rhufain,
Gwenhwyvaer at comcast.net

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