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Perhaps this is just an example of two people with two different   
redactions for the same ingredients. There really wasn't a recipe   
given.  Or maybe my idea of ketchup creation is  wrong.


It could be, but I also took it as Chas trying to create a  flavor 
connection.  Ketchup is much more than just tomatoes and  vinegar, but ketchup is a 
little easier for some to grasp than tomatoes stewed  in vinegar.
As for the redaction issue, it would depend on the context.  Even  without a 
recipe, if it said "tomatoes stewed in vinegar", I would take it  to mean 
"pickled" tomatoes.  With vinegar being used to preserve  foods, it would make 
sense that they were eaten in this form, especially if  being transported long 
distances.  If the context had mentioned "a sauce  made from stewed tomatoes" or 
something denoting a chopped, ground or  "pressed through a sieve" kind of 
preparation, I would take that as being more  like a salsa-type or ketchup 
Yes, you can redact/create a recipe from just a list of ingredients.   
However, you also have to make sure that the dish you are creating would have  been 
created for the country/region and time you are creating.  Just  because we 
know that pickled cabbage, salted meat, mustard, cheese, and grain  breads were 
all period (don't scream at the term) doesn't mean Europe went  around eating 
Reuben sandwiches.  It's possible the combination was made in  certain 
regions, but that is what needs to be proven.
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