[Sca-cooks] Lochmere In Atlantia German Feast Fun

izofgold@aol.com izofgold at aol.com
Thu Oct 5 15:54:16 PDT 2006

If anyone on here would like to join us in our fun for January's Mid-Winter's Feast in the Great Barony of Lochmere, Kingdom of Atlantia, please let me know off list!  We have some ideas and plans and would love more input from people who have done German along with people who just want to join in the kitchen for the All Day Feast & Fun!
Chatelaine of the
Incipient Canton of Abhainn Iarthair,
Barony of Stierbach in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Kol ha-olam kulo
gesher tzar m'od
V'ha-ikar lo l'fached klal."

"The entire world is a narrow bridge
But the main thing is not to fear."
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