[Sca-cooks] Smoked Meats in Northern Europe

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
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I'd stick with a fruit hardwood if you can get it: oak strikes my nose as
bitter, but maple and cherry, yum! Betsy
(occasionally known as Pyro- but not much patience for smoking food-
grilling is another story!)

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Greetings all, 
            I have a question for the knowledgeable assembly: 
            What woods would have been used to smoke meats and fish in
Northern Europe around the turn of the millennium?  I am planning a
Viking Feast for my class, and I'll be doing some smoked salmon.  Since
I have access to the Viking Culinary School's kitchens, we have a
stovetop smoker that comes with 6 choices of wood 'chips' (they are more
like wood confetti), so I have options for the wood smoke flavor I
impart.  My choices (although they may not all be in stock when I go in
to do this) are:  maple, poplar, alder, hickory, oak and cherry.  
            I am pretty sure maples are New World only, and I know
cherries were a part of the Norse diet.  Obviously oak was around, but
I'm not sure about poplar, alder, or hickory.  
            Thanks for being such a vast wealth of knowledge!
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